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Ponies and Petals Cup ~ Mother's Day


CW Petroleum/Bearsden and No Le Hace in full throttle!

What a Mother's Day it was at the Houston Polo Club this past Sunday.
Not only was there stout polo competition on the field, but also a very fun and creative hat competition in the stands. Two semifinal games were played this past Sunday. In the first game, Dunbar Capital/Tylee Farms tried their hand in playing a hard to beat Sullivan Group Team. The teams were tied at 3 to 3 after the second chukker, but Sullivan Group took a 2 goal lead going into the fourth chukker. Dunbar Capital/Tylee Farm's Bryan Middleton brought their team within one goal, then in the last 30 seconds was given an opportunity to convert a 60 yard defended penalty 4. The penalty shot was just right of the goal mouth, which made for a tough loss for Dunbar Capital/Tylee Farms and a huge sigh of a relief from Sullivan Group.

Final Score: Sullivan Group (5) def Dunbar Capital / Tylee Farms (4)

After the crowd stomped divots and sipped complimentary champagne, the next group of four goal teams stepped onto the field. No Le Hace was awarded .5 goals on handicap due to team handicap differences, which meant that if the teams ended in a tie, No Le Hace would win by .5. CW Petroleum/Bearsden took a 2 goal lead after the first two chukkers earning all of their goals from the penalty line. No Le Hace's Nicolas Gomez must have had a pep talk with his team, because they outscored CW Petroleum/Bearsden 4 goals to 0 in the third chukker. With the score of No Le Hace 6.5 to CW Petroleum/Bearsden 4, the teams went into their final chukker. CW Petroleum/Bearsden's Taylor Freeman scored back to back goals from the field tying the score 6 to 6. All CW Petroleum/Bearsden needed was one more goal, and Cody Woodfin found himself on the 60 yard line with a chance to win the game in the last 30 seconds. Woodfin's shot was deflected around the goal mouth, but trickled over the endline, giving No Le Hace the close win of 6.5 over CW Petroleum/Bearsden 6.

Final Score: No Le Hace (6.5) def  CW Petroleum/Bearsden (6)



Best Playing Pony sponsored by Overture Tanglewood: Ginger played by Taylor Freeman; pictured with Hublot sponsor Ruben Lizaola and fiance Carmen Withers



Winning team: No Le Hace Paul Hobby, Nicolas Gomez, Joe Mack Stimmel, and Carolyn Stimmel  pictured with Hublot sponsor Ruben Lizaola


MVP: Nicolas Gomez pictured with Hublot sponsor Ruben Lizaola