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Spring Cup Final April 7



Winning Team: EEW Steel Trading LLC

Roxy Riggs-Mounter, Grace Mudra, Anson Moore (Sub for Kendall Plank), Billy Mudra We had three teams sign up for this year’s Spring Cup. Two round robins were held to determine the two finalists for Saturday’s match up. CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab took on EEW Steel Trading LLC in the 4 chukker final. EEW Steel Trading LLC came out strong with a 3-1 lead at half time. Grace Mudra and Anson Moore extended the lead by two in the third for EEW Steel Trading LLC. Mark Prinsloo and his CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab teammates battled back in the fourth with 3 goals back to back from M. Prinsloo but time fell short and the match ended 5-4 in favor of EEW Steel Trading LLC. Well played by all three teams and a big welcome back to the HPC Spring Season.