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Part I: El Polista Horse Feed.

 A German Polo Horse feed brand



We would like to introduce you to a concept aimed at optimizing horse feeds. This initiative is aimed at going even further than technically optimizing the feeds. Created as a result of a passion towards horses, Gut Aspern, The German Polo Tour and Röschmann Landhandel in Hadenfeld have joined forces.


The earliest mention of the mill at Hadenfeld is from the year 1470 as found in Denmark’s National Archives. The water mill on the village stream was operated by local aristocratic families through the ages. The Röschmann family has owned the mill since 1906, and today it is being operated by the family in the fourth generation.



The mill’s history always reflected the demands of the eras. Röschmann Landhandel started in 1980 producing horse feed.
Since the year 2000 five out of ten stallions at the Holsteiner Körung was feeded with the horse feed of Röschmann Landhandel also winner at the Olympic games, World and European Champions (jumping, dressage and military) are now a days feeded by Röschmann Landhandel.


At the start of the 2011 polo season, ‘Gut Aspern’ asked Röschmann Landhandel if we could be of assistance in optimising their fodder. In the best-case scenario we imagined that there would perhaps be some modest improvements. After all, Gut Aspern as partner meant an excellently managed polo club with a very successful team, and players with the highest quality standards and performance expectations.

As the German Polo Tour 2011 came to an end on 11 September in Berlin – Hoppegarten it was time to take stock of the season. The Gut Aspern team again played at a very high level, as expected, and at the seasons’ end in the finals they had to admit  defeat to Team Tom Tailor, which is currently one of Germany’s most successful polo teams.




Christopher Kirsch, a Gut Aspern team member, again had an extremely successful year (including being named 2011 German High Goal Champion). Despite the humid thirty-degree heat at the Hoppegarten finals, the ponies’ motivation was admirable, as were their capabilities showing full concentration and presence. And Christopher Kirsch transformed penalty shots into goals with an awe-inspiring certainty.

But these results are all the more remarkable because the team was able to reduce the number of horses per tournament from six to four. The team’s achievements were thus obtained with two-thirds the  number of horses they were using at the start of the season. This equates to approximately 50% more productivity per horse.





This makes clear that their fodder programme with a performance feed and a rest/recreational feed, even in small amounts, had much better results than the partners ever expected. The best thing of all, however, is that this was a win-win situation for everyone. The team was able to lower its costs, the horses themselves were
subject to less stress and also received more balanced feed rations.

Gut Aspern and The German Polo Tour granted the El Polista brand for the Polo Horse feed. El Polista is a lifestyle brand on Polo. Everything, tricots, sticks, equipment or accessories, for your passion on Polo you can get in premium quality here. Polo Horse feed for Polo Ponies and riding horses is just the best way to get your
Polo passion to your horses. EL Polista Pferdefutterleidenschaft was established in August 2011 in Germany, but by the end of September the horse feed was requested by riders from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and France.







www.pferdefutterleidenschaft.de www.polo-tour.de www.gut-aspern.de www.elpolista.com